How To Download Videos From Facebook, Youtube And Instagram

How to download videos

How To Download Videos From Facebook, Youtube And Instagram.

This article is a tutorial on how to download videos from social media sites or apps like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and even Twitter.

Ever seen a captivating clip on youtube or Facebook, a lovely movie you’d love to watch and show your friends, or seen a couple of videos anywhere online which you really wish to watch over and over without subsequently burning your data to stream them?

Ever thought of how to download videos seamlessly from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other mini microblogging sites?

This article is for you as I bring to your table a simple app with which you can download media contents from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to your phone or PC.

This is a simple and low budget app that may not be found on Google Play Store but is being used by thousands or even millions across the country.

How then do you get this app without wasting your data downloading some bunch of crap from the Google Play store masquerading as vidmate?

How To Download Videos From Facebook, Youtube And Instagram

Step 1: Simply visit

Step 2.Download the apk app which goes by the name vidmate.

Step 3. Install it on your device.

Step 4. Launch the app choose which social media network you’d like to download from.

Step 5. Login to your account on the platform whether Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and you’re set to download any visible video.

You do not have to worry about losing your data to watch a video repeatedly anymore or bother about how to download videos from Facebook and the likes, With the aforementioned app and steps, you are 100% good to go.

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