How to pin a post on facebook profile.

How to pin a post on facebook profile

How to pin a post on facebook profile

Interesting topic right? In this short article you’re going to learn how to pin a post on your facebook profile. Ever thought of pinning your favorite post not on your page or group but on your facebook personal profile?Yes it’s  now possible!!!

For quite long this particular  feature has been available exclusively for Facebook groups and pages. We’ve never had such feature for Facebook personal profile. Nevertheless the blue app company has now introduced same feature in personal profiles also.  Sure you dearly wanted that right?

So in addition to groups and pages, posts can now be hanged on facebook personal profile. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pin a post on the top of your profile for hours,  days  weeks,months or even for as long as you want to?

I too was personally excited when I learnt i could do that without having to be a celebrity or one popular  social media influencer. Yes it’s that easy!

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Being able to pin a my birthday posts, business advert post, new snapshots or just any post got me excited and gave me the “you’re a Boss”feeling.

Just like Groups and Pages, you can find the Pin a Post feature in the menu of all the posts.

How to pin a post on facebook profile

Once you make the post, click on the “options” button and you’ll see the option.

Note that you’ll need to be a regular poster and have a reasonable engagement on your post for this feature to appear on your profile.

Secondly you’re expected to pin it almost immediately you make the post.

Unlike posts for groups and pages Which you can pin hours or days after. That of personal profile doesn’t work that way.

Below is a pictorial example of the above guide, perhaps it will help further.

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