How to Secure My Facebook Account

How To Secure My Facebook Account

How to Secure My Facebook Account

The “how to secure my facebook account” question has been a case of concern for so many folks on the Mark Zuckerberg world as dozens of accounts are being hacked on daily basis.

How would you feel if you woke up on a morning to access your facebook account as usual only to find out that you can’t?

Only to be called on phone by your close allies and told that some fraudulent posts or unfamiliar pictures have littered your timeline, meaning that a stranger has taken ownership of your cherished facebook account..

Feels Bad right? This is a result of unsecured facebook account and you can’t blame facebook for it. There are highly skilled hackers who can break the lock on your facebook account with ease, and sometimes people click on malicious, fraudulent or seductive links that expose their data online thereby offering their private accounts as a sacrificial lamb to these desperate scammers and hackers.

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Such fraudulent links could come in form of .some juicy online job opportunity, so called free donation or gift, nude videos or even free airtime or data from one network provider. People tend to click this links which are mostly forwarded on Whatsapp without thinking twice, unknown to them, most of the sites they land in are phishing sites which immediately capture and retain their data.

How to secure my facebook account.

But well, here are simple steps that answers the “how to secure my facebook account” question.

1. Login to your facebook account.

2. Go to “settings and privacy” and click on it.

3. Go to “settings” and click on it.

4. Scroll down to “security and login” and click on it.

5. Go to “Two factor authentication” and turn it on.

6. A confirmation code will be sent to you after which you’ll be required to set your two step authentication code, this will make it impossible for anyone to access your account even if they have your facebook login details.

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