How to secure my whatsapp account

How To Secure My Whatsapp Account

How To Secure My whatsapp Account

In this detailed article/post  I’m going to deal with the “how to secure my whatsapp account” question.

As a social media account owner,  whether facebook, whatsapp, instagram or twitter. Having your social media accounts locked with the tightest cyber protection should be your priority, for the sake of your reputation and internet relationships. This is even more important if you run a business online.

Waking up to find that your account is being run by a stranger for fraudulent transactions won’t be the best news you’d love to hear neither will it be a promotion for your online business if you have any. For this reason, you should be sure your accounts are safe and are only accessible by you so you can claim responsibility for any misconduct.

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Recently there has been a rising increase in the manner at which Whatsapp accounts of innocent and harmless people are being hacked and used by online scammers and sadly,  a good percentage of such scammers have succeeded in their dubious activities as they they portray themselves as the original account owner thereby gaining the trust of their targets who may be a friend, family member or even a business partner.

But How Do They Gain Access To Those Accounts Since Whatsapp Don’t allow Access To Any Login Request Without Requesting For A Fresh Verification Pin?

Yes! Whatsapp cannot allow an account tp be logged into another device without requesting for a fresh verification code which would be sent to the number being used on that whatsapp account. So what they do is to pick up the number and login to whatsapp with it from their end. When whatsapp requests for a verification code which they must have sent that very minute to confirm if the login is legitimate, these scammers now dial the number in question in an attempt to convince the user to pass the code to them.

They may claim they’re agents of whatsapp in Nigeria or agents of a charity company that is running a promo for random users,  they could even tell you they want to make you admin in a religious group,  just anything they could come up with. At the end they’ll tell you they’ve sent you a code to either claim the so-called offer or access the virtual forum for an important meeting.

By the time you call out the codes to them, Booom!  Your whatsapp account has been hacked,  remember they’ve logged in already, they were just waiting for the verification code to gain total access and you’ve given them that.


How To secure My Whatsapp Account

Below are are four simple steps on how to secure your whatsapp account permanently.

1.Login to your Whatsapp account.

2.Go to settings.

3. Go to account.

4. Go to two-step verification.

5. Click “enable” and you’ll be required to set your unique two step verification code .

With this only you have access to your account as long as that code remains confidential.

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